Sunday, February 28, 2016

Back In Game

I am back in-game after the holidays and other things... first thing is first getting my crafting up to par and making sure my gear is up to date before any major game play.

I took the time with Taure to doing a bit of fishing today. He tricked-off the Trout Master Deed. He's got 2 trout towards the deed today -- so I'm happy about that. Not to mention a trophy fish for the wall. LOL :D

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye Riddermark, Hello Landroval

Yesterday was the day for Riddermark to transfer to a remaining server of your choice. I did decide to move Landroval. I've been wanting to play on Landy for a long time now.. I'm there now from Riddermark!
The transfers were successful!

I forgot and left 2 of my Riddermark toons inside the home... after the transfers the 2 toons were inside another players house! LOL! It's not a problem - I just hope they didn't mind drinking some of their ale for the Inn League Keg they had. ;)

Glondif "steals" a drink or 4!

 Glondif passes out.

He awoke inside the Forsaken Inn (Lone Lands). What happened? LOL

Phayel drank from the keg too. She awoke in Angmar!

What a fun time they both must have had... but dang it those hang overs are ruff!

One toon had to change her name - which is not a big deal. Turbine gave us a free name change just in case we needed it. Charwin found her name to be Charwin-1 after the transfers. I used the name change token to change her name to Charrwin (I just doubled the "r" in her name and it works for me). 

All of my other toons could keep their names. I'm just extremely glad that Taure could keep his name. That name is important to me - I feel extremely lucky. He's the namesake of this particular blog!

We had to purchase a new house. I decided to move one door down from where I was on the Riddermark server. Love the new house.

Taure overlooking his new home.

The ONLY thing I could not find after the transfers was Taure's bed. That's not a big deal, he can get another one.
Taure stares in the empty room upstairs.

He decides to sleep on the rug and dreams of his new bed.

All in all - the transfers were successful for me. I had one minor problem Taure's missing bed and, as I already said, it's not a big deal. One free name change - not a big deal. And two toons that got to enjoy some Inn League Ale! I had a lot of fun with the transfers. Looking forward to playing on Landroval!

Sweet dreams Taure. You'll get a new bed soon.