Thursday, August 20, 2015

Server Consolidation Announcement

It's here! The LotRO servers are merging. We have a small delay in US server transfers that may begin again tomorrow.

UPDATE: US Transfers delayed:
“After monitoring and encountering some non-transfer related difficulties this afternoon, we are going to delay the opening of the cross-world transfers between the US servers:
Brandywine (off world only), Gladden, Landroval, Crickhollow, Arkenstone.
We hope to have these available for you tomorrow.
Thank you for your patience!”

The producer also stated there will be a free period of transfers to Brandywine in the future:
“We will give at least 30 days of free moves to Brandywine once it is available for transfers on to it from the other remaining US worlds, as we are doing with the other servers. As for timeline, rough estimate is Fall. The new hardware is in build out stage now, but it is not a short process and a number of factors could affect timelines on it being ready to go."

The Launch

The In-Game Letter:

Now to make up my mind: Do I go back to my old server Arkenstone or to Landroval where all the player festivals are? Both are good servers... I'll decide and will transfer from Riddermark soon. :D


Friday, August 14, 2015

World Closures

 Good By Riddermark *sobs*. I love this server <3

A couple of weeks ago LotRO players found out that World Closures are definitely happening. Turbine decided to go from 29 servers down to 10. 5 US & 5 EU servers will remain open.

Well, long story short Crickhollow will remain open so my toons there are "safe" - I don't have to worry about them. Riddermark is closing.  That means I have to decide which server to transfer those toons to permanently.  The process will begin in a few weeks - time to make a decision.

I will most likely transfer to a US server - and my eye has been on Landroval for a long time now. I've often thought of creating toons there - if for nothing else - the Weatherstock festival which is held exclusively on Landroval. It's a yearly festival put on by LotRO players. And the reason I've had my eye on this server for years.

Landroval will remain an open server - I'm thinking of moving my  Riddermark toons here. I've heard great things about this server over the years.

Brandywine and Gladden will stay open - two very populated servers. I've only heard that Brandywine is very populated otherwise I really know nothing about it or Gladden.

Crickhollow will remain open - and I already have toons on that server.  It's a great server!

Arkenstone - I used to have toons on that server before I re-rolled my toons and condensed servers. Here is a post I made on the toons I had on Arkenstone at one time: Arkenstone (Final). I can say from experience that Arkenstone is a really good server to play on.

Basically I'm torn between Landroval and my old server Arkenstone.  It's getting close to time for me to make that decision - the server closings / mergers will begin fairly soon. I might create a couple of "dummy" toons on both servers to check them out before I make a blind decision to move my toons. Re-experience Arkenstone and check out Landroval for the first time.

More information can be found at these links: World Closure Announcement & World Transfers.