Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An Idea Of Gameplay

For those that have never played an MMORPG - much less Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO for short) - let me give you some photo examples of what it looks like for an in-game battle. I snapped these photos quickly just for the reason of showing off an in-game battle or fight. This is nothing fancy nor is this a "big battle" - these are "out in the field" type of battle shots.  Some of the photos I toggled off the UI (user interface) to get a good area shot and left the UI on in some photos so one can see what it looks like during gameplay.

Click the photos below to make them larger.

Riddermark server: Here's my elf Champion Taure in battle with an orc: 

UI toggled off. Taure is The Lone-Lands across the road from 
Ost Guruth in a heated battle with an orc.

UI togged on. Taure is fighting the same orc but I have the UI toggled on
to show you a LotRO player view of the battle. I did turn the camera
sideways to show Taure & the orc more clearly.

This is elf champion Taure in battle with a spider in The Lone-Lands. 
That is Ost Guruth in the background. The UI is togged off to get 
a clear view of the battle and I turned the camera towards Taure so 
one can see a player in battle from the front view.

Riddermark server: Here is my elf Runekeeper Shanyar in battle with orcs:

Shanyar in battle with orcs not far from Weathertop in The Lone-Lands.
Two orcs - one Runekeeper a fun battle to win! UI toggled on. Camera
angle slightly turned for a view of both orcs.

One orc down, one to go! Love the lightening! UI toggled on. Camera
angled sideways for a better view.

Two more orcs on their way! UI toggled off. This is a back view of
Shanyar and a fairly good idea of what a LotRO player sees.

Crickhollow server: Here is my hobbit Warden Bontao in battle with a Rauta-Lehma hunter:

Bontao in The North Downs doing battle with a Rauta-Lehma hunter,
one of the Earthkin. UI toggled on. This is the angle a LotRO player
sees normally when playing.

 The hunter is up-close and personal now. The Earthkin are
giants and being a hobbit they are truly enormous to us. This photo
give you a good idea of the size differences. Check out his spear! 
UI toggled on.

Bontao is about to finish this guy off. Who says size matters? 
UI toggled on and camera turned for a better view.

Crickhollow server: Here is my dwarf Guardian Lyoin in battle with a warg:

 Lyoin in battle with a dire warg. These guys will claw, bite and their howl
will put a fear into you. Lyoin is up for the battle. UI on & camera
turned for a view of the fight.

Lyoin is just about to finish him off. This warg is no match
for my dwarf guardian.

 Lyoin has finished him off & unlocked a new deed: Warg Slayer
for The North Downs. I think this dwarf is ready to take that challenge.
UI on and camera still angled to get a better view.

 Crickhollow server: Here is my hobbit Burglar Hoppii in battle with a wildcat:

Hoppii is "sneaking" up on the wildcat. Will he see her first?
One of the advantages of being a burglar is the fact you can sneak up
on your foe. She appears "invisible".

Hoppii in battle with the wildcat. Burglars are tougher
than one may expect. They also have lots of 
"tricks" up their sleeve and are willing to "take a gamble".

 Hoppii is going in for the kill. This wildcat is not a match for a
hobbit burglar. Bilbo would be proud of this adventurous and 
heroic hobbit.

This is just a few example photos of what is it like to be a LotRO player and what it looks like inside the game. As I mentioned above, I quickly snapped these photos by in-game screenshot just to "show off" some LotRO style gameplay.

If you are interested in playing you can play for FREE by joining (click here to sign up). You can also become a VIP member with lots of benefits for $99.99 for a YEAR of gameplay. See VIP membership information at this link. I was VIP for a bit - now a premium player that would love to go VIP again - maybe I can one day.

Crickhollow Rerolled

This is simply some pictures of my rerolled toons on Crickhollow server with a brief overlook at each of them.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Faron Level 30 Man Hunter & Woodsman in The North Downs.
Faron is married with 5 sons.
He is in The North Downs scanning the area for wargs, orcs & the Rauta-Lehma.

Ottavia Level 25 Man Captain & Explorer in Esteldin.
Ottavia is an orphaned child.
 She in in Esteldin to talk to Halbarad about the situation in The North Downs.

Bontao Level 25 Hobbit Warden & Explorer in Esteldin.
Bontao is the husband of Hoppii.
He is in The North Downs to do battle with the Orcs in the area.

Hoppii Level 25 Hobbit Burglar & Tailor in The North Downs.
Hoppii is the wife of Bontao.
She is in Esteldin to do some Tailoring.

Dilliar Level 25 Dwarf Champion & Weaponsmith in Esteldin.
Dilliar is the middle child of 3. Married with one child.
 He is in The North Downs to gather ores and make a few weapons.

Lyoin Level 25 Dwarf Guardian & Metalsmith in The North Downs.
Lyoin is the eldest child of 8. Married with 5 kids of his own.
He is in The North Downs for his Metalsmithing craft.

Oodon Level 30 Dwarf Runekeeper & Jeweler in Esteldin.
Oodon is unmarried and an only child.
He is in The North Downs in search of gold.

Hodrath Level30 Beoring & Explorer in Esteldin.
Hodrath has many brothers and sisters of the Beoring kind.
He is in The North Downs to help with the situation.

Heliah Level 25 Elf Loremaster & Cook in Esteldin.
Heliah is the wife of Linlorien.
She has been called to The North Downs by Halbarad who wants her help with the orcs.

Linlorien Level 25 Elf Runekeeper & Scholar in Rivendell.
Linlorien is the husband of Heliah.
He is at the Last Lonely House to further is Scholaring.

This completes the list of my new and rerolled characters on Crickhollow server. These guys should do well and will make it to the top of the game one day.